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Simon Stålspets is working in many different genres of music in Sweden and abroad.

The Swedish Folk Music is the main genre, often mixed with music from other cultures. For example Portuguese Fado, Americana, Bluegrass, Quebec trad music, Tirol, early music and more.

Simon Stålspets has a been studying 10 years at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and has received two exams from there:

Master degree in Electric guitar

Master degree in Music Composition

Simon Stålspets is working full time with touring and recording/producing music since 1998, when he started his music company, Nomis Musik.

Nomis Musik is an independent record company for acoustic roots music.

Two times has Nomis Musik won the German Record Critics Award Der Schallplatte Kritik.


Buy the albums here:

2012 Stockholm Lisboa Project, album Aurora


2009 Stockholm Lisboa Project

Album diagonal

2007 Stockholm Lisboa Project

Album Sol


Some of the music constellations that Simon is working with:


Stockholm Lisboa Project

Music from Sweden and Portugal have come together. Slogan: Fado, polska and beyond. Stockholm Lisboa Project´s two newest albums; Aurora 2012 and Diagonal 2009, won the prestigeous German Record Critics Award and has received much acclaim internationally. The band does about 40 concerts a year, mainly in Europe but also in North America and Asia.

Visit the Stockholm Lisboa Project web site.



Country Pie

In this music project Simons passion for retro rock´n´roll music really comes through. Country Pie is all about music close harmonies, dazzling fingerpicking, chick´n´pickin´ and features vocalists Matilda Hellsten and Sanna Andersson.

Listen and read more about Country pie



Simon solo Strövtåg i folkton

Simon also concert tours on his own. A show might consist of old and new folk songs from Sweden and any part of the world. Simon plays several stringed instruments, including guitars, mandolin and mandola as well as willow flutes and various traditional wind instruments. Every song has a connection to Swedish roots music in one way or another.


Contact Simon Stalspets

Phone: +46 (0)70 686 34 24

E-mail: simonstalspets@gmail.com